LandsatLinkr was developed in the R programming language and is run with a single function call to provide easy use for users across the whole range of R experience. Landsat images from MSS, TM, ETM+, and OLI sensors are downloaded and placed into a specific directory structure and then run_landsatlinkr() is typed into the R console command line. A few questions are interactively asked of the user regarding what process to run and where the downloaded image data resides. Upon execution of the program, LandsatLinkr will automatically run through all procedures for a given step defined in the LLR workflow (figure below) for all images in a given directory. For a detailed description of each procedure see the function links below the workflow diagram.

LLR procedures - click on function buttons for more information

Step 1: Prepare MSS imagery

Untar/unzip, reproject/resample, stack MSS images
Improve georegistration for select MSS images
Convert MSS image reflectance units from DN to top-of-atmosphere reflectance
Apply DOS atmospheric correction and convert reflectance units from DN to surface reflectance
Make cloud and shadow masks for MSS imagery

Step 2: Prepare TM/ETM+ imagery

Untar/unzip, reproject, stack, and apply Tasseled Cap transformations

Step 3: Prepare OLI imagery

Untar/unzip, reproject, and stack OLI L8SR imagery

Step 4: Calibrate MSS to TM

Spectrally calibrate MSS images to TM images

Step 5: Calibrate OLI to ETM+

Spectrally calibrate OLI images to ETM+ images

Step 6: Create image composites

Create cloud-free yearly image composites